How to find most popular keyword searches

Every day millions of searches conducting on thousands of search engines but among them which are the popular searches you have to identify that.If you are very serious about your content and website popularity you must have a look the popular search engines and social media as well to get popular topic. 

How to find most popular keyword searches:

How to find popular keyword searches

1. Google Trends:
It will allow you to know which are most popular keyword searches on google and YouTube by using Google database.I think it is on of the best tool for keyword research and I always prefer it for researching seasonal keywords and celebrity trending . You can get country based hot searches clicking on trending searches.To get previous year hot search click on ‘top charts’.For finding out seasonal or categorized, web search,news search,image search or youtube search just click on explore and choose what you like to.
You can also get YouTube hot search from here.Here will show the most viewed local and global trending YouTube videos .

2.YouTube trends:
Provides the top 10 most popular videos based on most social sharing and most viewed.The interesting thing is that it will show regional popular videos categorized by country ,age and demography.Most shared videos are those videos shared on twitter and face book last 24 hours.You can also compare top videos on different states or countries.

3.Yahoo Trends:
If you are a fan and to know about celebrity trending news then yahoo is the place to show you top 10 celebrity trending news,videos and pictures as well.However most popular news titles are available here which categorized by sports,games,news etc. To get more trending videos then yahoo screen is the best.

4.Bing trends:
If you are wondering a platform from where you get every thing “Bing trends’ is here.When I saw it first I just amazed.All about previous years popular interests and searches have been showcased here.

5.FaceBook trends:
Trending shows a list of Hashtags and topics

popular keyword searches in Face Book

that recently popular on Face Book.But one thing to remember that the trending list depends on various factors including:your location,groups,pages you liked and posts.

6.Twitter trends:
Twitter trends allow you to show the popular hashtags as well as topics that people are talking about more frequently.Getting exposure on twitter ,following twitter trends could be a great resources.

7.Pinterest Trends:
Pinterest is one of the fast growing social media.If you can use it properly you will be able to get lot of referral traffic.The best technique to get pinterest exposure is follow  popular pins.It will show you most pinned and favorited pins which are currently popular.From where you can get info graphic keyword ideas.

8.Google+ :
AS like as twitter ,Google+ is the place where you can find most popular hastags as well as topics from ‘whats hot’.It will not only show you the hot trends but also give you a tremendous idea on various topics.

9.StumbleUpon trending:
Trending on Stumbleupon will show you which topics are most popular and people likely to engaging.Finding popular keywords from here is very easy.

10.Google Keyword planner:
Google keyword planner isa keyword research tools to identify your search terms.Before writing on any topics you;can just check your keywords search volume every months in various locations.Read my another article on the best keyword research tools to research your keywords popularity.

11. e Bay trends:
If you are interested to write product review or most popular keyword searches on ebay.It will provide you a lot of products with attractive title.
I hope above popular platforms will help you to identify best topics and will help to find most popular searches.

How to find most popular keyword searches