How to use Google search more effectively-Google search tips

To know the best tips and tricks on how to use google search more effectively and efficiently this article would definitely help the people from all aspects. Searching in Google effectively can help to get actual information very quickly. Google search is the most powerful search tools to discover your desire information’s if you can use perfectly.

Here I’ll show the most common Google search terms and advanced search operators.

Very often we usually searching on Google to get about something like job, product, services or news or anything else. But the fact is, for each and every search results are showing thousands of websites and unexpectedly they are not what we actually want to. Henceforth finding out the informational page is so difficult as well as time-consuming indeed. Even some time most of the SEO professionals also need the quick and short cut technique and eventually, they do according to Google Search guideline.

Before doing a search in Google first consider what actually you want , is it a product or service or book? Use the words or phrases that really you want to see in a website. If you want to learn how to ‘fry an egg’ or ‘play cricket’ then simply search “how to fry an egg” or “how to play cricket” instead of how to fry an egg? or how to play cricket?

Write a descriptive clearly and particular phrase will help you to get your expected result. Example: search as: “Oxford English book” not just “book”.Writing only a single word may be lost your actual information under the thousands of unexpected pages.

Don’t be hesitated about misspelling.Google Search tool is much smarter to correct your spellings.For example: if your search is -how to fry an egg- the result will appear :
Showing results for how to fry eggs
Search instead for how to fry eggs

Always try to avoid stop words like such, as, the, on, where, how, de, la, as well as , single digit and single letter.

Word limitation: You must limit your search query within 32 words.

Terms nearby: Using the terms nearby will help you get the appropriate result. For example, Your search terms [Osteopathy Sydney] will help to get the information about the osteopathy in Sydney city.

Uses of quotation: Using quotation (“”)will help to get the result according to exact match words. If you write [dog training] ,the result will show the page using that keyword.

Avoid +: don’t use ‘+’ to search anything like [english book +download] just write as [english book “download”]

Uses of *: I like to use ‘*’ to find out any kind of relevant information.If you need in information about the colleges in New York or stadiums in Sydney then write as [New York*colleges] or [Sydney* Stadiums]

  • intitle: Search result will appear for key terms using the title for each web pages. Example:[intitle:”Green tea”]

  • inurl: Result pages holding the word in url. example:[inurl:”learn”] and [inurl:blog] for finding blog sites.

  • links: It is very useful search terms to spy competitors link.Example: [].All the Google indexed internal and external links will show.

  • Site:Another very useful search terms,from where you can easily find out how many pages already indexed and how to look like.Specially for testing meta descriptions this terms is awesome.

  • related:To discover relevant website it can be a fantastic search terms.Example:[] All the sites related to MOZ content will appear.
  • location:Find ┬áthe specified location based News articles from the sources. Example:[queen location:uk]
  • intitle and inanchor: This term is used for finding out SEO Competition in terms of keyword research.Example:[intitle:”google search” and inanchor:”google search”]

Google Search front page: Searching any keywords will show web based results but here more tools are available to get various information regarding the searches.

  • Images: This tools will show the images relevant to your search terms and the result images may come from any web site Pinterest, twitter, facebook or any other sources.
  • Video Search: To get the video information regarding the search query.
  • News:To get the news publications regarding the search query.
  • MAPS: using MAP tool for location search is awesome. This will help to get information like a nearby hotel, restaurant and address information as well.
  • APPS: Finding any APPS from here is really much easier. Just write any keyword look up relevant apps.It really funny.
  • Books: Searching any books by using this tool will show the result related to book sites only.
  • Search Tools: You can filter your search results by location,time and duration etc.

Google Advanced search:
Google Advanced SearchAt the right-hand site on Google find a gear icon and clicking on it you will find ‘Advanced Search’.This tool can be a fantastic resource for SEO and link builder. Searching any relevant site
from here has never been easier. Everything is here just use and enjoy your work. Every instruction has been given for each field.

Another great tips and tricks provided by Google on how to Google search more effectively here. You will find and search easier to use the search boxes.

How to use Google search more effectively-Google search tips