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Best keyword research tools 2015

A burning question and  appealing search in Google, I just noticed. From my earlier article on keyword research technique you already learned how to keyword research and how to create an inclusive report. Now, I am just going to discuss the most effective SEO keyword research tools which will definitely help you to build yourself as a keyword researcher indeed.

From my SEO experiences I am enjoying to provide keyword research services to the global clients and noticing their requirements is varying according to their business strategy and goals. So you must be keen in knowing how to Google search more effectively and various tools which will save your time as well as increase your reputation.

Content creators and bloggers will definitely get help from the writing, I think. Out of a wide range of

keyword tools

I just listed the few but most effective and free research tools, so that, you can utilize them properly

Best Keyword research tools 2015

Best Keyword research tools:

1. Adwords keyword planner: Free Tools and best ever.
The search engine giant Google has a tool name Adwords keyword planner and no doubt it is a fantastic and incomparable among the free keyword research tools definitely. Its free and built for Adwords PPC but most search queries through Google is found here. Search Engine Optimization, Article writers, content creators, search engine marketers, affiliate marketers and PPC marketers’ first choice indeed. You can use it for researching search volume trends , mobile trends, search breakdown by device, breck down by locations and by filtering negative keywords, CPC, CPC Competition ,search trends etc. As a bulk keyword research it will give very quick result.

3. Google trends:
Another Google free keyword tool Google Trends and it is first choice for content marketers as well as content creators. You can learn what topic is hot now and which topic currently most searching in this universe. Many websites are missing a number of traffic due to lack of hot topic, though they are writing content regularly. You will get the latest local and global trending searches in Google and you tube.For seasonal keyword research it could be a best tool.

3. Uber Suggest:
A long tail keyword research tool and I like it most because it gives some long word pherese suggestions. Uber Suggest become popular for suggesting long phrase variations. It is totally free and even no sign up is needed. Just click on plus sign or on keywords to get variations .Simply click on get button on top right corner and get desire keywords.

4. Word Tracker:
For getting instant search volume and some relevant long tail keywords research you can use Word tracker.It is providing only 10 keywords with search volume, competition and KEI (keyword Effectiveness Index) result. I think that’s enough for article writing.

5. Soovle :
I call it a multidimensional keyword research tool.Soovle keyword tool gives a variations of keywords ideas from Google,Bing,Wikipedia,, and you tube. A magical and very interesting keyword tool I think . Just write words on soovle and enjoy the suggested keywords.

6. Twitter:
Yes, twitter is providing extensive keyword idea. It is not necessary to tell that twitter is the most effective platform to promote your business and get some real traffic. If you want to catch visitors’ attractions from this social media you can follow the current trends just left widget in your pages. Click hash tags or keywords then see the latest trending topics.

7. Keyword density checker:
After writing your article it is very important to verify keywords density. Keyword density is the density of keywords how often it used in a article. You can identify manually by using the formula i.e divide your total keywords by total number of words multiply by 100.KD=(KW/total words)*100.Accoring to Google regulations your keywords must remain within 1-3%.You can use this keyword density tools.
8. Long Tail Keyword finder : An ultimate generic keyword search tools .Just try it. 

Best keyword research tools 2019|

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    Doing keyword research has become so real and important that no one tool can perfectly give you what you want. I use different tools to get different results depending on where a particular tool plays a better role. For example: I use to generate keywords in queries.

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    Great stuff. I usually use Serpstat for my keyword suggestions and then check for search volumes with GKP.

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    Thanks Austin.Your brain is the main tool for doing keyword research.

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