Keyword research the best technique

Keyword research

The primary stage and most important for any website and blog indeed.I already have been discussed How to keyword research but unfortunately that was a part-1 and some important issues not been mentioned.But,I think after reading this article you will definitely get a crystal clear idea about how to do keyword research and How to use free keyword research tools

First go to Google Adwords by using your Google user and password info.From the top navigation menu ,Click on Tools and then keyword planner.Click on Search for new keywords and ad group ideas.Say for example, your client asked you to research 5 keywords on ‘Ex Back’ and his requirements also the keywords search volume in US not less than 500 per month , CPC above 1 and CPC competition is low.

Lets start,at targeting section, we can set our target location as US.Here is more options to choose city and states.Now at  customize your search sections ,click keyword filter edit options and put the value: 500 in average monthly searches, suggested bid: 1 and competition: low.Click on get ideas.

Here you will find Ad Groups ideas and keywords ideas just click keyword ideas.

Keyword Research idea

One think you must remember that the competition in this result is showing , actually Adwords Ad competition and it is not SEO competition.So you must aware about the requirements.

Now your target is to identify the best keywords among the keyword planner  results which can drive traffic and easily can be optimized.Because, by choosing right keywords will help you to do better On Page Optimization and to rank the keywords.

Now download the keywords as Excel CSV format. Delete unnecessary rows from the excel sheet and keep only Keywords, average monthly searches , search volume and competition columns.

Identify the best 5 keywords containing the words “ex back” closely i.e how to get your ex back, how to get an ex back, get your ex back,how to win your ex back and getting your ex back .

Copy the keywords and return to the adwords keywords planner and click modify search and pest the keywords in the ‘Get search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups’ field separating by commas. From the suggested results ,direct copy and pest to a new excel sheet remove the ad impression.share and ad to plan columns.

Now you are going to make a comprehensive keyword research report.So add three new column and name them search trends,SEO search competition and keyword difficulty.

Here search trends is actually the graphical one year keywords search report;which you can find out a small graph just after every key phrase and mouse hover on it you will find up down or search stability from here.
Now ,for getting SEO competition result just copy the keywords in Google search as intitle:”your keyword” and inanchor:”your keyword” what the result showing is your competitors.Now, divide the

Keyword Research report

competitors by the monthly search volume is the keyword difficulty.Now the desired keyword research report is ready.You can suggest the lowest difficulty keywords to use as a primary keyword.
There are many keyword research tools you can use according to the requirements. Ubersuggest  a free tool that gives you long tail keywords suggestions. Market samurai will suggest  your every keywords Google first page competitors URL along with back links,domain authority etc. though it is a paid tool.Google auto suggestion is a great way to identify the best long tail keywords.

In conclusion,keyword research is the great way to get organic and targeted traffic towards your site.Choosing right keywords can improve your ROI but wrong keywords can totally spoil your hard works and time.

Keyword research the best technique